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tiziano colasante

Tiziano Colasante, young entrepreneur, born in the old workshops of Florentine master craftsmen.

His ability to give life to ideas and shapes, mixing colors and materials, combined with the attention to detail, allows him to be noticed from a very young age by the great leather masters of Florence, his hometown.

At a young age he began his growth path, combining his passion for creativity and study.

Passion that in 1994 led him to found and manage Propel srl, a young and dynamic company, which today has become a point of reference for many top luxury brands for the creation, creation and production of leather accessories.

It is his innate creative ability that drives him to give birth to ALEF FIRENZE in 2020, the need to give life to something of his own and that identifies him.

ALEF FIRENZE is a symbol of strength, continuity and stability. The center from which every thought radiates. The energy in all its nuances that materializes in the collection of bags and accessories for men and women, mixing creativity and craftsmanship.

In June 2021, Tiziano Colasante chooses to strengthen the Italian character of his brand, synonymous with style and quality, giving his name to the collection.

Tiziano Colasante
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